G-Suite is a set of Google’s apps — Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar — combined into a unified format that allows for collaborations among users. The DPS G Suite for Education will provide students with secure and easy online access to documents, spreadsheets, presentations and communication tools that can be accessed easily from home or school and enhance teacher and student collaboration in the classroom and beyond.

Teachers can use G Suite for Education to facilitate group projects and use the apps’ revision history tool to see the level of participation of each student in a group. Teachers will be able to give feedback to students directly in documents shared with the teacher. Turning in assignments will be as easy as sharing files with the teacher, or by emailing it to the teacher through the student’s DPS Gmail account.

Accounts & Login

Students and staff will be issued a DPS login. Users cannot use a DPS-owned Chromebook with any log-in other than their DPS-assigned email address. For example, students will not be able log in to their personal Gmail accounts on DPS-provided Chromebooks. However, if a student uses their DPS-assigned email and logs into another Internet connected computing device running the Chrome browser (a laptop, a school lab computer, a loaner Chromebook, etc.,) all of their personal computing information (bookmarks, emails, documents, applications, etc.) will be available to them on that device.


There are many apps available for Chromebooks covering a wide variety of topics. The apps, which run in the Chrome browser, are downloadable through the Chrome Web Store. DPS Chromebooks are pre-loaded with district approved applications.

Different applications will be installed on students’ Chromebooks based on students’ grade levels and courses. For example, students enrolled in a high school Social Studies class may have different applications appearing on their Chromebook’s home screen when compared to students not enrolled in that class. The same is true for digital eTextbooks as they will also be pre-installed on students’ Chromebooks, based on students’ grade levels and course schedules.

Online Security

DPS takes the security and privacy of student information very seriously and the district is responsible for protecting and safeguarding the confidentiality of student information housed on DPS servers. Additionally, DPS has contracted with Google to provide access to G Suite for Education for DPS students and staff and also for ensuring the security and privacy of student information on Google’s servers. G Suite for Education adheres to a detailed privacy policy and security measures which DPS has reviewed

and is satisfied that these terms appropriately protect the privacy of students and staff using these Google tools. Under the DPS Terms of Service Agreement with Google, Google is obligated to comply with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.