About MyTech

The DPS MyTech program is modeled on the successful experiences of other U.S school districts, and on research indicating that student outcomes improve when a one-to-one implementation is thoughtfully planned and executed. To further ensure the program’s success, the 14 MyTech pilot schools also receive additional district staff support.

With the introduction of student Chromebooks, and the support of digital coaches, the MyTech teachers will focus on further integrating digital resources into their classroom instructional practices and in personalizing their work with individual students.


One of the goals of the DPS Denver Plan 2020 is to close the opportunity gaps that exist among our students. And one effort toward this goal is for DPS to achieve a more equitable distribution of digital resources by providing computer access for students both inside and outside of DPS facilities. Having their own Chromebooks to use throughout the school year — both at school and at home — expands students’ time and resources for learning. And since most higher education and employment opportunities require essential computer skills, DPS MyTech students will be better prepared for their future college and career prospects.

Digital Coaches

Each of the schools in the program receive the support of a Digital Coach. These coaches have a simple, yet critical role: to support teachers in leveraging technology to impact instruction. Each coach collaborates closely with school administrators and teachers to connect the potential of a one-to-one program to real success in the classroom. They do this through the delivery of high quality professional learning and individual coaching cycles, so that students at MyTech schools have both the access and opportunity to use technology meaningfully. This work is also supported by the Regional Coaches from the Educational Technology team who work hand in hand with the Digital Coaches to identify best practices and help to spread those practices across the district.

Program Cost & Funding

Denver voters approved $10 million for the MyTech program in Denver’s 2016 DPS Bond initiative. Bond money also funded the replacement of classroom computers across all schools, and is currently being used to enhance schools’ wireless networks.

Students are charged an annual $20 MyTech fee to supplement the repair, service and potential replacement of their Chromebooks. In cases of damage and loss, students are charged based on the circumstances and ability to pay.