MyTech Program Basics

MyTech One-to-One Program Information

MyTech is a one-to-one (1:1) computer device program for a set of pilot schools serving grades 6-12.  Students at MyTech pilot schools will be issued Chromebook laptop computers for use both at school and at home.

The DPS MyTech program is modeled on the successful experiences of other U.S school districts, and on research indicating that student outcomes improve when a one-to-one implementation is thoughtfully planned and executed. To further ensure the program’s success, the 14 MyTech pilot schools will also receive additional district staff support: 10 schools will be assigned a half-time digital coach, and the four largest schools will be assisted by a full time coach.

The 14 MyTech schools were chosen for participation in the program based on a rigorous application and selection process. These schools’ teachers and administrators have demonstrated a willingness to reconsider their instructional practices and to seek new ways to better meet the needs of their students.

With the introduction of student Chromebooks, and the support of digital coaches, the MyTech teachers will focus on further integrating digital resources into their classroom instructional practices and in personalizing their work with individual students.

Lessons learned at the MyTech schools will be leveraged across the district to enhance teacher professional development, classroom instruction, and the district’s policies and procedures required for the effective use and support of computing devices for all students. The information gathered from the MyTech pilot will further help DPS expand technology integration and one-to-one computing devices to even more students district-wide.